Minimal Windows Ibiza

About MWIbiza

Minimal Windows Ibiza is presented with a vision focused on the continuous learning and development of new technologies and innovative products within the luxury and high-end housing sector. With entrepreneurial philosophy, we have the experience and union of three large companies, capable of solving any space and project with the highest quality products in the aluminum, iron, steel and solar protection sector.

The Team

After a long journey together working on common projects in Ibiza, we decided that it was time to start something new … unite our experience, knowledge and skills to solve the new opportunities arising on the island. Ibiza becomes a benchmark of modern, young and dynamic lifestyle, evolving to a minimalist architecture, with Mediterranean reminiscences …

In 2016 our project begins. Minimal Windows Ibiza becomes a reality.

Cocoq Showroom

Cocoq Showroom

Minimal Windows Ibiza Showroom defines the most authentic Mediterranean, contemporary and modern style of the island. Located in the Cocoq space, our product stands out for its great versatility, quality and attention to detail. Much more than windows, much more than construction ... Design, architecture and technical development are combined to give a new vision to the projects.

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